Supporting readiness and training for our armed forces

Easily issued, trackable digital records, certificates, awards, sign-ins, for interoperable service member credentials across the Department of Defense.



Interoperable solution for credentials currently located in disparate systems are seamlessly connected into a single centralized platform delivering continuous up to date record keeping.

In-field, immediate access to verifiable digital credentials on any smartphone. No need to rely on paper records or sign-in sheets.

Standard format that can be used across the Department of Defense, while adding traceability and minimizing human error.

Service members can access all their records and achievements in one secure place, easing the time requirements for in-processing and out-processing.

Robust audit trails, tracking, and reporting for oversight and management needs.


Delivering Immediate Value

Reduce prep time by streamlining processes.

Replace paper sign-in sheets.

Support cross-system record look-ups.

Issue credits instantaneously in any environment.

Verify certifications and training.

Flexibility to adapt to current and future systems.

Have your “I Love Me” binder in a digital format with you at all times.


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In Demand and Interoperable


Fast delivery and validation of digital licenses.

Health Care

No-contact verification saves lives and paperwork

Emergency Services

Connect and verify all critical responders on the spot.

Workforce Development

All training and licensing initiatives in one platform.


Connect education to meaningful career pathways.