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Efficiency, accuracy, and speed are critical when verifying service members’ credentials. Merit brings transparency to digital credentials, while helping organizations, verifiers, and individuals manage data gaps, legacy systems, and unique needs.

Veteran employment: the challenges and opportunities

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Moments of transformation

Limited system interconnectivity: Credentials live in various disconnected systems, which makes sharing information challenging.

Lack of mobility: No in-the-field systems access means paper access and records entered at a later date.

Reliance on physical records and paper sign-in sheets: Sign-in sheets and records are predominantly hard-copy.

Missing and incomplete records: A lack of a central system leads to gaps in service members’ records.

Fragmented and incomplete audit trails mean it’s not always clear which records have been sent, to and from which parties, and when those records were sent or received.

How Merit helps

Up-to-date records

Merit’s interoperable solution seamlessly connects credentials from disparate systems into a single, centralized platform, and delivers continuous, up-to-date record-keeping.

Immediate access

In-field, immediate access to verifiable digital credentials on any smartphone. No need to rely on paper records or sign-in sheets.

Standard format

A standard format can be used across the U.S. Department of Defense, while adding traceability and minimizing any possibility.

Service records and achievements

Service members can access all their records and achievements in one secure place.

Tracking and reporting

Robust audit trails, tracking, and reporting for oversight and management.

Assists with recruiting

Helps recruiters with new recruiter training, directed information to the field, tailored prospecting efforts, and future soldier training management.

Helps human resources

Helps human resources with skill identification, plus talent recruitment, selection, development, and distribution.

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Verified credentials

How Merit works

Merit’s verified identity platform offers easily issued, trackable digital records, certificates, awards, and sign-ins for interoperable service member credentials across the U.S Department of Defense.


Creating new pathways

New recruiter training

Streamlined process from recruiter to commander, company command teams, and battalion teams.

Directed information

Merit Opportunities can tailor specific recruiting messages to the right audience.

Tailored prospecting efforts

Assist with prospecting efforts by sending the right message to the right audience.

Soldier training management

Save future soldier training managers up to 20 to 30 hours per week.

Skill identification

Unbiased identification and estimation of an individual’s skills based on standard CV/resume input.

Talent recruitment

Strategies for targeting specific workforce sectors with prescribed sectors of elite talent.

Talent selection

Unbiased assessment and comparison of skill sets as compared to requirements.

Talent development

Individuals can identify gaps in their skill sets and find opportunities to improve.