Verified identity transforms apprenticeship programs

Apprenticeships give workers a powerful opportunity to get paid to learn on the job and build a career as a skilled professional. Merit’s verified identity ecosystem modernizes apprenticeship programs, opening the pathway for more workers gain to in-demand skills.

Apprenticeships in the United States

128% growth

In new apprentices between 2009 and 2019

633,000 +

U.S. apprentices in 2019 obtaining in-demand skills while earning the wages they need to build financial security.

Nearly 25,000

Registered apprenticeship programs active across the U.S.

Moments of transformation

Women and minority groups are often underserved in apprenticeship programs.

Agencies lack a centralized tracking of their apprentices’ progress and outcomes

Many qualified individuals are not aware of helpful apprenticeship programs in their area.

Apprentices want verified proof of their credentials, competencies, and skills that they can share.

There is a mismatch between available apprenticeship programs and future labor market needs.

How Merit helps

Opportunity matching

Efficiently match qualifying individuals, especially from underserved groups, with tailored opportunities for training in the classroom and on the job, education, employment, benefits, and services.

Apprentice hours and capability tracking

Easily track apprentice hours using a scannable, contact-free process. Follow progress through each program and gain deeper insight into why apprentices leave a program.

Learning/Employment Records

Securely send digital, easily verifiable LERs to all apprentices so they can manage and share their credentials to connect with career opportunities across all states and territories.

Automated pathways

Use verified credentials for apprenticeship programs to automate the pathway from training to licenses and job opportunities.

Integration with legacy systems

Merit works with legacy systems, workflows, data systems, and existing technologies across agencies and states.

Enroll my organization

Sign your organization up to issue and manage verified credentials and connect people with opportunities

Connect with an expert

Learn how Merit's verified identity platform can help your organization issue portable verified credentials

Verified credentials

How Merit works

Merit’s verified credentials for apprenticeship programs automate the pathway from training to licenses and job opportunities, while connecting apprentices with relevant supportive services throughout their program.


Supporting your community


State agencies can track and manage grant deliverables and outcomes in real-time.


Help individuals get training for in-demand sectors and find employment faster.

Removing barriers

Reduce employment barriers for underrepresented groups.


Reduce cross-state boundaries to employment with portable, interoperable credentials.


Easily adapt and improve apprenticeship programs with real-time, easy-to-access analytics.


Plug in job boards and career opportunities, connect workers with prospective employers.


Use credentials as proof of eligibility for supportive services if needed.


Time-tracking for apprenticeship/
on-the-job training/hours.

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Workforce Development

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