workforce licensing

Merit works with all occupational regulation and professional licensing agencies to make licenses and credentials digital, accessible, and more valuable.



Digitize workforce skills, certifications, licenses, and achievements

Speeds license validation for quick start to work 

Drive efficiency in license checks with contactless digital verification tools

Push notifications on training, education, and public safety opportunities

Analyze how credentials are being used and verified to gain more insights about utility, performance, and opportunities for oversight



Delivering Immediate Value

Merit enables mobile-friendly, digital licenses – so licensees have accurate, real-time information, instant notifications when it’s time for renewal, and are easily able to comply with any legal requirements for providing licenses on request from their mobile phone.

Facilitate cross-jurisdiction collaboration and lay the groundwork for interstate reciprocity

Track continuing education and professional development class completion to build towards renewals and learning pathways

Push notifications on training, education, and public safety opportunities


In Demand and Interoperable


Kickstart the jobs recovery

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Expedite workforce licensing

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Health Care

Save more lives and put the paperwork aside

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Emergency Services

Get training and qualified for future opportunities

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