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Bringing efficiency and control to sites, facilities, and events.

Merit is the interoperable, paperless verified identity solution that enables accountability, time-tracking, compliance, and reporting.

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What Merit Offers


• Registration can be done before arrival or onsite

• Collect needed information about the individuals scanning in

• Trainings, skills, and roles sent as merits

• Automatic registration across other systems

Single Account

• All verified credentials securely stored in Merit

• Access and manage digital credentials (merits) on any device

• Physical badges tied to underlying digital credentials

• Interoperability across all industries and deployments

Access & Accountability

• Tablet scanners for independent or monitored check-in and check-out

• Instant access revocation

• Time-tracking

• Pre-set eligibility criteria for check-in

• Geolocation

• Onsite support and badging available

Endless Add-Ons

• Automatic license verification

• COVID-19 vaccine verification

• Digital COVID-19 testing receipts with expiration

• Digital forms and waivers via Merit Verified Forms Engine

• Custom communications & lists

• Merit Verified Forms Engine digitizes 214s and other forms for daily Activity Log submissions and review


• Custom real-time dashboards

• Auditable site access logs

• Exportable, printable invoices and timesheets

• API access for third-party system integrations

• Transparent access to hours worked and costs associated

Award-winning deployments

Florida's Division of Emergency Management has tracked more than 850,000 staff hours and won an IT innovation award for its use of Merit

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How Merit Helps

Efficiency and control

Disconnected credentialing, tracking, and reporting systems make it difficult to quickly and easily comply with reporting and accounting needs. Merit offers a silo-free solution with real-time data.

Security and compliance

Merits are dynamically checked at every check-in to ensure individuals meet all current access qualifications, such as trainings, testing, waivers, and security requirements.

Real-time data

Access online dashboards, automated reports, and even integrate other systems to Merit’s API for additional HR, payroll, fraud, compliance, or reporting needs.

Full-service onboarding and support

From registration and approval through badging and even revoking access, Merit facilitates personnel management. with 24/7 onsite support and informative, multilingual marketing plans.

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