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Assessing Disaster Site Accountability

The Data-Driven Case for Verified Digital Solutions  


Merit surveyed 500 professional and volunteer responders about their experiences with disaster site systems and processes. Download the report to read their thoughts about credentials, verification, time-tracking, reporting, security, and more. 

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White Paper:

Optimizing Emergency Management Operations with Verified Identity

Solving traditionally critical problems with modern solutions


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Why are emergency managers constantly told they need to update or modernize disaster-site systems?

Merit asked 500 professional responders and volunteers to share their experiences with conventional disaster site processes. You’re about to read their candid responses about:

  • Clipboard credential verification
  • Lengthy check-in times
  • Exhausting post-disaster log completion
  • Incomplete ICS 214s completion
  • Fraudulent shift-reporting 
  • Insecure personal information storage systems


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