Workforce Development & Licensing

Economic Recovery & Workforce Innovation

Watch as Senator John Hickenlooper and Tennessee’s former Assistant Commissioner of Workforce Services, Kenyatta Lovett, have a solutions-focused discussion about workforce development.

Rebuilding the Workforce Post-COVID-19

Listen from workforce experts as they discuss how to build economic stability and regional innovation by connecting learners to the skills that lead to meaningful employment opportunities.

Reimagining Technology and the Future of Work

Former Mississippi Governor, Phil Bryantt, and panelists share perspectives on what a national strategy for empowering workers.

Occupational Licensing and Reciprocity Post-COVID-19

This session explores how states are rethinking reciprocity across state lines to connect workers with opportunities and strengthen the nation’s workforce.

What State Agencies Need to Know in a Time of Pandemic

This session outlines strategies for tackling unemployment, reemployment, activating your skilled workforce, and why a different length of recovery demands different solutions.

Empowering Displaced Workers with Credentials of Value

Our panelists discuss strategies for empowering displaced workers with accessible credentials of value that can connect displaced workers with employment and training opportunities, quickly.

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