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Maximizing Workforce Data Accuracy

System maintenance remains a difficult task as many agencies rely on disconnected, legacy solutions, requiring teams to stay knowledgeable about and keep up with multiple systems. As for system accuracy, it is extremely difficult to update every single system of all minor and significant changes to any type of

Measuring Workforce Program Success Comprehensively

Data powers workforce systems forward and provides agencies with metrics to measure their performance and ROI, and to obtain actionable insights. But unfortunately, as a result of the (siloed) array of administering systems that differ from state to state (and sometimes city to city) mentioned in Connecting Systems in

Digital vs. Paper Licenses: Why Digital Wins Every Time

  Everyone has experienced the moment of going through a cluttered file cabinet or an unorganized wallet looking for one important document that was tucked away. When we experience things like this, there is one thing we can all agree on: our licenses, membership cards, certifications, and records should

Connecting Systems in Workforce Development Programs

On the federal, state, and local levels there are an overwhelming number of workforce systems and tools with numerous requirements and access levels. According to a report by the National Association of Workforce Boards, “each program administers separate nationwide workforce-related data systems that encompass different technical directives, are built

A Better Way to Launch New Software: Software With a Service Can Help You Meet 100% of Your Objectives

A recent study showed the top concern among organizations looking to adopt digital credentialing technology is that they lack the staff to support it. — AACRAO Impact Survey, February 2021 This finding does not surprise me in my 15 years of buying and selling many seemingly promising software solutions.

Finding Opportunities for Workforce Innovation in the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed many ways for government agencies to transform how they connect people with jobs, services, and training opportunities. Merit’s white paper weighs solutions for the upcoming recovery. As many states continue to struggle with higher unemployment rates in 2021, job seekers face significant obstacles, too. With

Case Study: Using Verified Identity for Smarter COVID-19 Vaccination Sites

Verified identity mobilized thousands of health care workers to vaccinate millions in one state As state and local governments take on mass COVID-19 vaccination efforts, they need to coordinate thousands of health care workers to administer the vaccine. A state that’s setting the pace on vaccinations for the rest

Push Notifications: Front End and Common Pitfalls

In Part 1 of the Push Notifications series, we announced our Scala library for sending and processing Expo push notifications. Along with the backend changes, there are a few more changes you will need in order to send push notifications with Expo.

Push Notifications and Open Source at Merit

My first initiative as a Merit employee was implementing push notifications on our React-Native mobile app. In fact, I was more than just a developer, I was the initiative owner.

How Digitization Can Get More Workers Into Apprenticeships and Back on the Job

Apprenticeships can be the key to getting people back to work faster, even in times of higher unemployment

Rebuilding America’s Workforce Post-COVID

Challenges in workforce development aren’t new, but the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the struggle to close the gap between workers’ capabilities and employers’ needs.

New Jobs With A Future: Six Ideas For Harnessing Technology To Create Good Work For Americans

The Covid Recession has accentuated labor market inequality, with some professions and occupations doing as well or better than before the pandemic hit. Employment in business and financial jobs, for example, is up 7 percent in the third quarter of 2020 compared to a year ago.

Hiring America’s Veterans: Why it’s Good for Business and How to Recruit Top Talent

Today’s veterans leave the military service with a wide variety of expertise and technical skills, but often there is a significant gap between these abilities and the jobs they end up in.

How Merit Ensures E2E Test Stability

Nowadays, when iterative and agile software product development has become an industry-standard, companies strive to automate the way they deliver new code to the users. To keep the code in a release-ready state, Merit uses a set of practices combining Development, IT Operations, and Quality Assurance named DevOps. (You

Why America’s Road to Economic Recovery Relies Heavily on Workforce Development

Workforce development professionals play a crucial role in helping American workers find jobs and employers find skilled and qualified workers.

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