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4 min read

Do this, and Tornado Alley experts (almost) guarantee you'll survive

"Make a plan!" 

We see this advice in every storm readiness class, article, and media post. Like "get exercise" or...

3 min read

How to make a join table with Liquibase and Gorm

A new tool for SQL database relationships

A join table is the traditional tool used to define a "many-to-many"...

4 min read

Climbing 110 stories for "Probie" Santora, FDNY

The youngest FDNY hero

“We were a very close-knit Italian family,” Patricia Santora laughed. “Every night there were...



Government & Tech

Senator Hickenlooper on how government can improve technology to provide better services for constituents.


Meet Sarah

Hear all about Merit recipient, Sarah Williams, a cosmetologist and permanent cosmetic tattooer in Virginia.


FEMA reimbursement

Former FEMA Administrator, Craig Fugate, on the dangers of lack of documentation in emergency management. 

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