ASPIRE: Alliance for States Providing Interoperable Reciprocity

A national coalition facilitating states’ support for service members and families with interoperable verified digital credentials.


States across the country have passed license and credential reciprocity legislation supporting military personnel and their spouses who move across state lines. This has removed barriers and helped veterans and their families continue their careers.

Even with strong legislation, it is difficult, time-consuming, and costly to verify credentials and licenses held by individuals from other states. Re-credentialing is also burdensome and expensive to both individuals and states. 

Merit is the first technology company to facilitate universal license recognition – cutting red tape, speeding up the hiring process, and propelling economic competitiveness.

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ASPIRE Coalition Launch Event

Watch Merit and partners announce ASPIRE from the National Press Club in Washington D.C.

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Why Reciprocity for Military Families?

It should be easier for military families – who often move frequently – to find employment.

Military families deserve predictable incomes, especially with high costs of living, inflation, and supply-chain issues.

Employers and states should have access to the best talent despite labor shortages across the country.

By the Numbers


of military spouses move across state lines every year – compared to 1.1% for civilian spouses


of military spouses hold a state-issued license for work

1 in 5

credentialed military spouses face challenges maintaining their licenses


estimated annual economic cost due to vacant positions

How it Works

States can provide a simple, cost-effective, and secure platform for individuals to look for jobs and monitor progress.


State-issued licenses and credentials earned by military spouses are digitized on the Merit platform.


Using Credential Engine’s Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL), license fields are mapped and made portable across state lines.


Licensees can immediately connect to jobs, trainings, and other qualified opportunities based on their verified digital credentials.

Coalition Partners

We invite you to join our growing coalition of elected officials and community leaders who support making it easier for military families to work.

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