Take the manual process out of credentialing.

Digital licenses, credentials, and certifications help engage, serve, and grow member communities. 


New efficiencies for organizations, new opportunities for individuals.

Merit enables organizations to issue and maintain digital records of personal and professional achievements. This provides new visibility into data, frees up precious resources, and facilitates interoperability across organizations, while proving individuals with pathways to opportunities.

With one secure platform to digitize, standardize, and verify qualifications, you'll forget all about stand-alone systems, paper certificates, analog ledgers, and plastic identification cards.

Expand your community

Engage and communicate with your members in new ways. Show them the universe of qualified opportunities based on their merits. Let other organizations build on top of your member merits to unlock more valuable services and benefits for your community. 

Save time & money

Get a fast, cost-effective way to run your program, stay organized and keep member merits current. Merit makes it easy for organizations to go paperless and reduces the overhead of printing, laminating, mailing and manually updating multiple systems.

Frictionless verification

Increase verification rates by making it super simple to check merits. Protect the value of your organization’s merits by ensuring efficient, accurate and reliable qualification every time. Prevent errors, eliminate forgery and expand Merit usage/applications.

Simplify management

Get everything you need in one place to securely digitize, send and organize your member merits, and stay compliant. Connect your database with Merit to ensure that member info automatically stays accurate and up-to-date across multiple systems.

Take control of your information

Your recipients have control of their information giving them the freedom to hide information and share it as they choose.

Convenient tools

Our robust tools can be used to prove the authenticity of merits. You and your recipients will never need to worry about forgetting a card or license again.

Digital certification

Digitally verify your certificates and licenses, while still protecting private customer information.

Security you can count on

We put security first. We are Privacy Shield compliant and sweat the details, so we always have security you can count on.

Empower your members

Empower your members to do more, achieve more, and experience more.


Organization Portal

Need to better manage the credentials that you issue and verify? Use the Organization Portal as a one-stop-shop to cultivate and analyze your credentialing program.

  • Create, organize, and issue digital credentials
  • Edit and terminate your organization’s sent merits
  • Search and/or filter merits sent
  • Edit and organize your Org details
  • Verify and log your guest or staff merits
  • Track merit updates and other activities

Merit Automation

Create a secure bridge between your first-party database and Merit with built-in connectors to easily and automatically send, update, and even revoke merits without any additional manual work.


Do more with off-the-shelf third-party apps – or build your own custom tools.


Credential Creator

Need to issue formal certificates in addition to digital merits, but want to save the time and money needed for printing and mailing?

Credential Creator lets you build custom, official credentials – and then automatically attach them to individual merits.


Check-In with Merits

Looking to save time during event registrations, credential verifications, or other information-gathering activities? 

Check-in with Merits replaces the manual check-in process with digital verification to save time and energy, improve accuracy, and simplify the experience for everyone involved.

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