Make the most of your hard-earned achievements.

Get the confidence, foresight, and autonomy to shape your future.


One platform for every achievement.

Have you received a merit from an organization? Are you ready to manage and organize all of your credentials in a single, digital platform? With Merit, you can access and manage your credentials on the web or via our mobile app. Merit allows everyone to receive and maintain digital records of all their life’s personal and professional achievements.
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Here’s what Merit delivers for you.

Merit gives you a verified and verifiable digital record that is scannable, shareable, up-to-date, and free. So you can leave behind all of your paper credentials, log books, and ID cards.

All of your credentials in one place

Manage your life achievements in a single, unified digital space, and instantly access your verified credentials from anywhere in the world.

Effortlessly prove who you are

Have instant access to your credentials whenever and wherever you need to validate them.

Control your personal data

Choose whom you share your information with and control who sees which of your merits.

Further your skills & achievements

Track your progress as you work to level up the merits you earn.


Access Merit from your favorite browser.


Merit on the Web

Merit can be accessed from any browser to view and manage your account. 

  • Receive and accept merits from verified organizations.
  • Control access to your private data by determining which organizations and apps can access your merits. 

Take your credentials to go.


Merit Mobile App

Whether you use iOS or Android, you can access Merit with our mobile app. Make sure you have set up your profile before downloading the mobile app by clicking the Go to My Merits button below.

Our mobile app not only has the same capabilities that are available on the web, but it also offers powerful features:

  • Easily check-in and get verified at events by using your Merit Key.
  • Receive and manage merit update notifications.
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