Personnel Accountability Solutions


Verified time-tracking and centralized data let you report with confidence

Merit’s SOC 2 & HIPAA-compliant platform helps keep individuals accountable for their time, so that all payments and billings can be done with accuracy.


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Keep individuals accountable for their time, so that all payments and billings can be done with confidence.

With untold numbers of medical professionals supporting multiple locations across countless shifts, it is imperative that individuals are accountable for their time, and that staffing companies can trust the data coming in. 


Merit provides solutions for personnel accountability, verified time-tracking, compliance, and reporting, all built on an interoperable verified identity platform – in order to help organizations understand exactly who was where doing what. 


This way, the most accurate information is used for reporting hours, making payments, and billing partners.



Tools for compliance and coordination


Only trusted organizations can send statements of truth about individuals that represent someone’s verified identity as approved personnel.

Merits can be issued, edited, and revoked remotely in real-time, allowing you to further secure your site.

Merit enables reciprocity across organizations, agencies, and states.


Physical and/or virtual check-in kiosks provide verified time-tracking records.

Qualifications must be met in order to successfully check-in, such as trainings, testing, waivers, and security requirements.

Records are provided for every check-in and check-out with geolocation and timestamp.


Custom dashboards with real-time data on all hours, locations, and credentials, plus branded exportable PDF invoices.

All data can be filtered and aggregated by activity, location, check-in/out times, individuals, and duration.

API access makes it easy to integrate with other systems for HR, payroll, fraud, compliance, or outside reporting needs.

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Case Study: Time-tracking for Florida's award-winning COVID-19 vaccination program

Merit and the Florida Division of Emergency Management tracked nearly one million hours for 7,000 medical professionals across more than 100 locations.

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Why Merit?

Merit’s verified identity ecosystem helps trusted organizations across government and enterprise solve critical real-world problems in workforce development, emergency services, licensing, education, defense readiness, and other sectors. Thousands of trusted organizations – including government agencies and nonprofits – use Merit for digital verification of credentials, licenses, training, and skills.