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What information is transferred when I enable the Burble-Merit Integration?

Understand what information is and isn't transferred when you integrate BurbleDZM with Merit for Dropzones, and when jumpers integrate BurbleMe with Merit


You will grant BurbleDZM permission to access data from your Merit Organization account, not the other way around. Note that Merit will not have access to the information that you track in Burble, such as personal information of our clients, jump numbers, etc.

Granting permission allows Burble to use your Merit Organization to verify merits, such as USPA credentials and UPT credentials, and populate those results in Burble, where you will see and store them.

In the next phase of the integration, which will be rolled out over the next couple of months, Burble will be able to send merits. When this is rolled out, it will be a separate and optional opt-in step. If you choose to opt-in, it will send Merit limited information about the jump/jumper which will be clearly outlined during this stage. This is months away, and again, fully optional.


When you click on Create Merit Connection in BurbleME, you are sending your Merit data to the dropzones you choose. This Merit data includes:

  • Full name
  • Type of credential
  • Credential ID (aka your membership ID)
  • Expiration date