Step 4: Send Merits to Your Team

Troubleshooting errors when sending merits in bulk

If there are errors associated with a CSV file for which you have created a Connector, you will receive an email notification that specifies how many merits were sent successfully and how many need attention. 

Additionally, you will see a Sync error highlight appear on the Connectors page. To see more details, click on the arrow icon on the right. 


Click on Error report.


In the form of another CSV file, we provide a list of up to 5,000 errors for each sync or upload. Download the error list to see what caused certain merits to not be issued.


The error list CSV file will include all of the records from the original file for which there was some error sending merits. All of the columns from the original file are included, with an “Errors” column at the end. For each row, the text in the “Errors” column will specify what needs to be corrected. 


If you fix the errors and resync the CSV file, the merits that previously failed to send will now be sent.

Common errors

Missing email, first name, or last name

To be sent, a merit needs a specified email address, first name, and last name of recipient. 


Missing another required field

If a field is specified as “required” in the merit template, having the entry for that field be empty will cause an error. 


Invalid date format

All date fields must be of the format YYYY-MM-DD. E.g. “2020-05-14” for May 14 2020. Formatting the date differently will cause a read error.