How to send merits with Burble

How to set up your BurbleDZM to send merits

Take full advantage of the new features offered in the Burble - Merit integration, send your experienced jumpers, tandem students and AFF students merits all from your BurbleDZM dashboard.


Set up the merits you'd like to send via Burble.

Step 1:

Login to your BurbleDZM account and navigate to the Sport Jump section in your configuration settings. Using the 

Step 2:

In the center section locate and enable Merits 


Step 3:

Enter the name of the Merit template and a short description for the merit that you'd like to send for this particular type of jump. 

    Step 4:

    Save and repeat for all of the types of jumps you'd like to send merits for.

    Once you've finished setting up your merits with BurbleDZM, learn how to enhance your merits:

    Now that your merits are set up, learn how merits are sent at the end of day process in Burble here