Step 5: Announce That You're Sending Merits

Example Newsletter to your members explaining Merit

A key component of a successful launch of a new system is announcing the Merit to your members. Here is an example letter to edit and use to suite your needs:

Hi Team,
is beginning to send out digital records of your membership, certifications, training and hours using Merit. Merit is free and will give you access to your credentials from anywhere at anytime through your mobile device or computer. We'll also be using Merit to check-in for meetings, drills and trainings and steering away from using paper and pencil for future events.
Within the next week you will receive an email from Merit about your digital credentials. Please take a moment to click the “claim your merit” button and setup your Merit account.
After you have set up your profile with a password, you can then access your digital credentials by downloading the Merit Member app (iOS or Android) 
Member Merit App Icon
This on-the-go free solution will help us become more efficient and enable us to become better emergency response team by having a system to track skills, education, hours and an overall clear understanding of each persons strengths. For more information, or for additional help claiming your profile and merits, please visit or email

Merit is a free digital platform that allows companies to send, manage, and verify digital credentials. As a team member, you’ll be able to store all the credentials you achieve from us and other participating organizations together in one place.