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How do I verify the merits that someone sent me?

You can view and verify someone's merits, even if you don't have a Merit account.

In this article:

  1. Video
  2. Verify using Merit Key (QR code)
  3. Verify using sent link
  4. What a merit snapshot looks like
  5. Accessing saved snapshots


Step-by-step guide:

When someone shares their digital credential or license from Merit with you, there are two potential sharing methods they could use, both of which make use of the Merit Member App for both iOS and Android:

  • They can share their Merit key, a QR code that you can scan either from the Merit Member app or with any other QR code scanning application. This is ideal for in-person verification.
  • They can share a link to a snapshot of their merits. This is ideal for verifying from a distance.

Verify using Merit Key (QR code)

Step 1: The merit holder will present their mobile device to you. On the screen will be something that looks like this. 

Step 2: If you have a Merit profile and the Member app downloaded, open it up and sign in. From the home screen, select Verify someone's merits.

If you do not have the Merit member app, you can open up any QR code scanning application and proceed to Step 4.

Step 3: You will be prompted to choose whether you want to verify as yourself or on behalf of your organization. You will be able to change this anytime.

Step 4: The screen on your mobile device will show the view from its back-facing camera. Hold your device up to that of the license holder, so you can scan their Merit key.

Step 5: Your mobile device screen will now display a snapshot of the shared merit.

Verify via link

Step 1: A merit holder also has the option of sending you a URL that links to a snapshot of their merit. It should look like some version of the following: 

What a merit snapshot looks like

At the top of the screen, it will display:

  • The name of the person to whom the merits were issued
  • How many merits are included in this snapshot
  • When the snapshot was originally shared
  • When the snapshot expires

Additionally, if the merit holder allows this when sharing their merits, you can save a copy of the snapshot so you have the ability to access it beyond the 24-hour limit.

Below that will be cards corresponding to each shared merit, showing basic information like the merit name, recipient name, and issuing organization. To learn more about an individual merit, select Merit details. This will open a window that shows more information about the merit, including any attached files and certificates.

Accessing saved snapshots

If you verify a snapshot of someone's merits and then choose to save the snapshot when logged in as an organization, you can later access that saved snapshot. While logged into the your Organization Portal, navigate to Relationships, then select Saved verified merits.  

You can view the details of a snapshot by selecting View on the right.

This will show all the available fields of the merit snapshot.