How to transfer a merit to a different email address

Does a member have multiple email addresses? Did a merit get sent to a different email than the member wants? The following steps will allow you to transfer that merit quickly to another email address.

You can transfer a merit from one email to another using the following steps: 

  • Login to Merit and go to your Organization portal (top right corner of your header)
  • In the left side menu, select Relationships
  • Type the name of the member in the search bar (the member's merits should display below)
  • Click the Edit bar on the right side of the merit you want to transfer
    Click Edit
  • On the right side, you'll see a button Update email - click on it
    Click Update email
  • Type in the new email address in the popup window
    Update email
  • Click update email (the merit will transfer after this step)

You can repeat these steps, as necessary for any additional merits you wish to transfer.