Step 1: Create Your Organization's Account

How to sign up your organization

Sign up to create an account for your organization

Navigate to Create an Organization form

If you're new to Merit and don't have a personal account yet, click on Get Started on the homepage. You'll be taken to a page that asks you to select an option that best describes you. Click on the Create an organization button. 

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If you already have an individual Merit profile, you can find the Create an Organization form in the settings menu located on the top-right corner of your profile when viewed on a desktop web browser.

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Complete the form with:

  1. First & Last Name: Please provide your full name for verification.
  2. Your email: Please provide a valid email address.
  3. Org Name: Every organization must have a name and each organization that you create must have a unique name.
  4. Phone Number for Validation: A Merit representative will call your organization at this number to validate its authenticity.

Getting started

After submitting the form, you'll receive an email with a link giving you immediate access to your account. You'll also have the ability to start entering information about your organization, create merit templates, and add other team members to your account. Note that all new accounts go through a validation process before they are given the ability to send out merits.

Merit validates your organization

 Within 48 hours of submitting your form, a Merit representative will contact you to validate your organization.