BurbleDZM Integration with Merit
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How do I turn the Burble-Merit integration on?

A step by step guide to integrate your BurbleDZM with Merit complete with images and a comprehensive video.

Follow the steps below to set up Merit within your Burble Account. Scroll to the bottom of the page to watch an end-to-end video of how it works!

Step 1: In Burble DZM, navigate to Manage Settings>Edit Profile>Membership Credentials.

Step 2: Within Membership Credentials, select the organizations that you want to configure. Merit currently supports USPA and UPT. All other listed organizations require manual data entry.


Step 3: Connect to your Merit Account. If you do not have a Merit Account, please see the instructions in the section below for more details. If you’re having trouble with your admin credentials, email help@merits.com.

Once your Merit account is connected you are ready to start using Merit in Burble!