Sharing merits

How do I share my merit with an employer or organization?

You can share details about merits you have earned with anyone, even if they don't yet have a Merit account. Follow these steps to share your merits with a URL.

IMG_0110Step 1: Open the Merit member application and log into your Merit account. On the home screen, select Share your merits.
















IMG_0111Step 2: The next screen will show all of your merits. Use the + icons on the right side to individually select which merits you would like to share. 














Step 3: Once you select your desired merits, click the Share Link button at the bottom.















Step 4: You will then be shown options for sharing the link to these merits from various apps on your mobile device. 

You also have the option of copying the text containing the link. The text should be some version of the following: 

Jackson Blum has shared their merits with you via This link will expire in 24 hours.

Greenshot 2019-12-26 11.29.56





Step 5: Anyone who follows the link will be brought to a page with details on the shared merits. At the top of the screen, it will display:

  • The name of the person to whom the merits were issued
  • How many merits are included in this snapshot
  • When the snapshot was originally shared
  • When the snapshot expires. By default, shared merit snapshots are only active for 24 hours

Below that will be cards corresponding to each shared merit, showing basic information like the merit name, recipient name, and issuing organization. To learn more about an individual merit, select Merit details. This will open a window that shows more information about the merit, including any attached files and certificates.


Greenshot 2019-12-26 11.40.04

Greenshot 2019-12-26 16.04.07