How to set up Check-in with Merits, what to do before your event.
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  3. How to set up Check-in with Merits, what to do before your event.

How do I set up an event?

Follow the steps below to create an activity in the Check-in with Merits.

Step 1: Navigate to Activities and click on Create Activity

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 3.17.54 PM

Step 2: Add activity details

  1. Name your activity
  2. Add a description
  3. Select if you need to add a qualification

    • If you don't need to verify credentials, then don't select this option.
    • However, if your activity needs to screen for credentials, make sure to set up your qualifications before creating an activity. Learn more about qualifications.
  4. Select if you need to add a form, then select the form you wish to use.

    • If you don't require digital forms or waivers to check in, then don't select this option.
    • If your event does need a digital waiver or another form, then make sure to use Form section to paste in, edit, and publish your waiver. Learn more about forms and waivers.
  5. Enter messaging for successful and unsuccessful check-in messages. Note that the kiosk will only decline check-ins if you have required qualifications and the user does not meet those qualifications.
  6. Choose whether or not to enforce all participants to check-out from the activity
  7. Select the timezone for this activity.

    Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 3.24.04 PM

    Step 3: Click on Save as Draft or Publish. Once you click Publish your activity is now ready to use for check-ins!

    Step 4: In order for your participants to check in at your event, download and set up Check-in with Merits for your tablet, so you can create a kiosk for your participants to use to check in and verify their credentials. More details can be found here.