About Merit

How do I ensure that the merit that was shared with me is valid?

Merits can now be shared as proof of credentials. Here is how to be sure that merits sent to you are valid.

Did you receive a link to a merit from an employee, hired tradesman, customers, professionals or other persons with credentials you'd like to verify?  Please check these things to ensure that you're viewing a valid merit. 

  • The shared link should direct your browser to a url that starts with: https://app.merits.com/snapshot/  followed by a long string of characters. 
  • View all of the information within the merit by clicking the blue  [View More] button
  • Click on the word [Media]  to view any documents, photos or videos attached to the merit

Please do not accept a screenshot of a merit, or any other stagnant or stale image.


Do you have questions remaining? Please feel free to reach out anytime at help@merits.com