What is Check-in with Merits?

How do I get started with Check-in with Merits?

Below are instructions to help you get started and get the most out of Check-in with Merits.


Before starting with the Check-in app, make sure that you have an Organization on Merit. If you haven't already, create an Org on Merit by filling out the Create an Org Form here, or by logging into your profile and navigating to the form from there.

  1. Create an Org Form Link (for those that don't already have a Merit Profile)
  2. For those that already have a Merit profile, access the Create an Org form in your Profile Menu

You also need to have FULL admin permissions to access this app. Otherwise, you'll receive an error message.

Set up Check-in with Merits on the web

Step 1: Go to the Check-in with merits webpage and click on Link with Merit. Check-in with Merits will connect with your Merit account.

Check-in>Link with Merit CIRCLED

Step 2: Create a digital activity to represent your event. When your participants check in, they will sign in under this activity.

Get started with CIWM

Download Check-in with Merits on your tablet

Download and set up the check-in app for your tablet, so you can create a kiosk for your participants to use to check-in and verify their credentials.

Set up a kiosk for attendees to check-in

When it’s time for your attendees to check-in, make sure to have your check-in kiosk ready to go. Participants can follow the steps below to sign in.

  • Select the activity
  • Sign in using one of three options:
    • Enter a name and email address
    • If participants have a Merit account, they can use their Merit login
    • If participants have a Merit account, they can scan in using their Merit key.
  • Tap on Done

Send attendees a merit

Your participants will receive check-in and check-out metrics to track their activities. However, we suggest that you sent out another merit to recognize their participation. This merit can even be used as a qualification for future events.

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 1.49.21 PM

Participation tracking

To track your participant’s activities and time spent at your events, navigate to the Check-ins tab.

  • The Check-ins tab will show you all check-in and check-out activity for your events.
  • By clicking on Export, you will download a spreadsheet to compile total time spent at one or more activities.

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 3.12.19 PM

Interested in learning more?

Find more instructions about how to use Check-in with Merits here