Getting Started

How do I get an account?

There are 3 ways to get an account on Merit. Find out more below.

There are three ways to get an account:

  • Earn a merit from an organization on Merit.
  • Create an organization account
  • Become an Admin of an existing organization.

If you have not earned a merit and are not Admin of an organization, you will not be able to create a profile at this time.

If you have received a merit and can't find or have lost the invitation email, enter your email address in the Claim my Profile form. You'll receive an email, like below, with a unique link that will allow you to Claim your Profile. Please check your spam/junk folder if you don't see the email within a few minutes of submitting the form.

merit email

*Please use an updated version of Chrome, Safari or Firefox. If you're not sure if your browser has an available and free update, you can check by using this free website: