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How do I add photos and/or video to a merit?

Adding certificates, photos, videos, or digital cards to a merit can be done at anytime, even after it's been sent. Here's how:

Ensure that your merit template has been setup to handle attachments:

Navigate to the merit template that you will be attaching files. Be sure that you have added the field name and type to the merit template.

For detailed instruction on adding a merit field, please check out our section in the online guide here.

To add an attachment to a merit that has already been sent:

  • Find the merit in the relationships tab
  • Click on the edit button on the record of the merit
  • Click on the button next to the field that you'd like to add the attachment to (see image below)
  • Either click the “Add New Files” button, or drag and drop files into the designated area. Your files will immediately begin to upload.

**When the files are finished uploading, click the green "Done" button**

Click the "Save Edit" button in the merit record to finish.