Burble Integration with Merit for fun jumpers
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How can jumpers get started with the Burble Integration?

In order to take advantage Burble + Merit you will need both BurbleMe app and a Merit profile.

Create a Merit profile and accept your merits

To create a Merit profile you must have received a Merit from a verified organization, such as USPA, UPT, or a dropzone. If you haven’t already set up your Merit profile or received your merits, go to Claim your merits, enter your email address and follow the prompts to both set up your profile and accept your merits. Once you’ve completed this process, you can connect Merit to BurbleMe. See the How do I access my merits? article for more information.

Download the BurbleMe app

Downloading and using BurbleMe is easy. If you have an iPhone, go to the Apple App Store, or if you have an Android phone, go to Google Play. Search for and download the BurbleMe app, then open BurbleMe and follow the instructions to register with Burble.

Connect Merit to your BurbleMe app

Step 1: After opening BurbleMe, go to Profile
















Step 2: In Personal Details, select Create Merit Connection and click Continue to configure access.


Step 3: After you’re taken to Merit, click Confirm to give Burble access to your Merit profile and your merits.



















Step 4: Return to the BurbleMe app and select which dropzones should have access to your merits.

Step 5: Click Update my connections.

Your merits will be shared with these dropzones and you will now be able to view all of your Merits within your Burble app!