GearPro Loft-Manager for Riggers, DZs, and Merit
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GearPro Loft-Manager for Riggers

Loft-Manager is a free website that provides riggers and loft managers the ability to update customer and parachute information, record AAD service dates, and maintain an accurate log of reserve repacks for customer parachuting equipment.

Loft-Manager provides an easy to use interface for Riggers to link and send digital Reserve Packing Data Cards using their existing or new account. With seamless integration,  Loft-Manager creates a new merit template complete with all necessary data fields and settings.


Riggers are able to:

  • Create and manage their logs for themselves and for their customers
  • Track customer parachute equipment
  • Quickly link to manufactures' service bulletins
  • Add specific notes about your work or the gear
  • Send Reserve Packing Data Card merits with account
  • Manage customer repack cycles
  • Make quick and easy repack updates


To get started, you'll need: 

Get started by creating your account here: