Merit Profile FAQs

Accept your merits link troubleshooting

There are a couple of reasons why the link to accept your merits isn't working, below is a helpful troubleshooting guide.

Having trouble with your accept merits link? Below are some frequent speed bumps, see if any these apply, and follow the steps to resolve any issues.

Check the browser you're using: Are you using a recent version of either Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Edge? If you are unsure if your browser has the latest update, you can check here.

Did your Link Expire? All links expire after 30 days, fear not, you can request a new link to accept your merit .

Internet Connection Check: Are you in an area where your internet isn't steady or keeps fizzling out? Check your internet connection and try again when you're in a better service area

Check your firewall settings: Are you getting a message about a firewall or blocked url? Check your internet settings, add to the whitelist, and try again. *In some cases, you might need to ask for assistance from your internet service IT team.

None of these seem to be the problem? Please let us know at