Step 2: Set up your virtual Kiosks
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How to set up a virtual kiosk to check people in on any device

If you want to check event participants in without using the Merit Check-in iPad app, you can set up a virtual kiosk. This also allows you to check participants in remotely, by sharing the Individual Check-in URL with them.

To see a demonstration of the following process, check out our Merit Check-in Virtual Kiosks Webinar.

Step 1: Log in to

Step 2: In the left sidebar, select Kiosk.

Step 3: Then select the Web option. 


Step 4: Select Create a virtual kiosk
CIWM2 (1)

Step 5: Start off by assigning a name to your virtual kiosk. This name will be attached to any check-ins in the Check-in log.

Step 6: Next, select the activities you want to appear in the virtual kiosk and then save.


Step 7: A virtual kiosk has now been created. Select View URLs to access the two web links that are now available to check people into that activity. 


Step 8: Share the virtual kiosk.

  • Kiosk URL: Use this URL to set up a check-in kiosk to check-in multiple people on a device.  After a check-in is completed, the page will reset for the next person. 

Note: As of Monday April 20, kiosk URLs will no longer be active. To support the community efforts and shelter-in-place orders to prevent the spreading of COVID-19, organizations are encouraged to use the individual Self Check-in URLs for all activities instead of a kiosk.

CIWM 8 view URLs