Step 5: Send Completion Merits and Certificates
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What are check-in merits and how do I customize them?

What are check-in merits?

They are merits that each event participant will receive that mark the day and time when they check in and, if they check out, when they check out.

Default check-in merits

The default name format of check-in merits is "[Organization name] - Check-in". Once you link your organization to Check-in with Merits, Merit will automatically create a check-in merit template for you. You can find it in the Organization Portal by navigating to Merit Templates > Edit Templates and clicking on the Edit button for this merit template.

It will include the following fields:

  • Activity name
  • Check-in time
  • Check-out time
  • Duration
You can make changes to any of the following areas of the check-in merit:
  • Short merit description
  • Merit cover photo
  • Merit Category
  • Additional fields

Here's an example of what an issued check-in merit would look like in someone's Merit profile:

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 8.54.03 AM


Customizing check-in merits

Check-in merits can be configured for each individual activity when editing it, in the Customize activity section.

Disabling check-in merits

If you would prefer that event participants not be automatically issued check-in merits, turn the slider for that setting off. 

Mapping a new merit template as the check-in merit

If you would like to use another existing merit template as an activity's check-in merit, you can select it in the drop-down menu. 

Once you have selected the appropriate merit template, click Publish.

The merit template will be edited, to include the additional fields of "Activity Name", "Check-in Time", "Check-out Time", and "Duration".

Some restrictions on choosing a merit template to use as a check-in merit:

  • It must have fewer than 32 fields, as choosing it as an activity's check-in merit will add 4 new fields to it. There is currently a limit of 35 fields for a merit template.
  • The merit template must not have the option "Recipients can only have one merit from this merit template" selected.
  • The merit template cannot have any required fields.