Step 2: Set up your virtual Kiosks
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How do I set up the self-serve kiosk in the Merit Check-in iPad app?

Now that you've created your events, qualifications and added the waivers, it's time to set up your kiosk. Here's how:


*This article is for a kiosk on an iPad. Learn to set up a virtual kiosk here

Before you start, make sure to:

  1. Get started with Merit Check-in
  2. Create any necessary waivers and required qualifications (to be used in credential screening)
  3. Create an activity in Merit Check-in

Setting up the kiosk

Once you've completed the list above, follow the directions below:

Step 1: On your iPad's App Store, download the app - you can find it by searching for "Merit Check-in."  Note that this app is designed specifically for tablets. Currently, it is only available for the iPad.

Step 2: Link the Merit Check-in app with your Merit account

  • Click the [Link with Merit]
  • Enter your email and password for Merit

    *If you are an admin for more than one organization, select which organization that will host your event.

Step 3: 

  • Select the activities that will be taking place at this event

Select [Manage] in the Check-in activities section to view and select the activity (or activities) that you'd like attendees to be able to choose from during this event.

  • To change the name of the iPad for this kiosk, click the pencil icon to the right of the current Tablet Name in the Account Profile section and follow the prompts.

Step 4:  Click  on the bottom right corner of the screen, lock your app with a 4-digit code - you decide which numbers to enter in for this code. This will put the app in kiosk mode.

Once you've completed checking in (and checking out) your participants, unlock the app by entering the 4-digit code

Step 5:  Place your iPad in an accessible place for your attendees to check themselves in. 


Attendees' Check-in Experience: 

  • Attendees see and choose the event that they are checking into

  • Attendees can choose how they would like to check-in; there is an option for everyone:  
    • Scan my merit key: For attendees that have a Merit profile and know how to access their Merit Key. 
    • Log in with my email and password: For attendees that have a profile, but don't have their phone with them and can enter their email and password. 
    • Check-in as a guest: For attendees that do not have a Merit profile or have forgotten their credentials can enter their name and email address to login.


Access Merits:

Access Merits are issued the first time an individual scans their Merit Key into a Merit Check-in Kiosk.  This merit confirms that the Merit Key scanned belongs to the Merit profile owner. If the activity that the individual is checking into has a pre-qualification check requirement, this merit also represents permission to look for a specific merit within that person's profile. 


Check-in Merits:

All attendees will receive a check-in merit as a record of their attendance. This merit will show the date and time and activity name applicable.  If the activity allowed or required the attendee to check out, that information along with a calculated total will be recorded within the merit.