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“Beyond the First Jump” Teams With Merit!

Beyond the First Jump, a program ran by the USPA to help drop zones turn first time jumpers into licensed skydivers, has teamed up with Merit!

For the past few years, USPA has provided Group Member drop zones with the two-minute Beyond the First Jump video, which highlights some of the amazing things our sport has to offer and provides basic information on the skydiving progression from the first jump experience to a licensed skydiver. USPA gives Group Member DZs posters, as well as small cards to hand out to first-jump customers, that include a QR code linking to the video.

Merit is supporting all USPA Group Member drop zones by helping design these materials for DZs interested in using Merit to engage their customers. Every first-jump merit sent by your drop zone can include USPA’s Beyond the First Jump video, along with DZ-specific information about continuing to jump, and an automatically generated custom Certificate. As part of the program, Merit will work with participating drop zones to help them setup these materials for free. This is a great way for DZs to reach first-jump customers in a fun way right after their jumps, when they’re filled with excitement and are eager to get back in the sky.

Click here to learn more and opt your DZ into the program, or contact Jenn Evans at Don’t miss this opportunity to bring more return customers to your DZ!