Verified identity gets workers back on the job faster

Whether an economy is strong or struggling, Americans who are out of work often contend with barriers – including matching their skills with in-demand needs, and connecting with the right opportunities. States can activate their workforces through verified digital credentials that streamline services, training, and reemployment.

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Moments of transformation

People across the United States are experiencing unparalleled unemployment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmed workforce agencies, crashing legacy systems and straining budgets.

Government agencies struggle to understand the skill-set and training needs of their workforce.

Duplicative or ineffective employment and training services lead to wasteful administrative costs arising.

Businesses and economies are hindered by a supply shortage of labor that qualifies for middle-skills employment (positions that need more training than high school but less than a 4-year degree).


How Merit Helps

Immediate, contactless verification

Allows individuals as well as public officials to validate licenses contactlessly and quickly.

Automated notifications

Ability to send notifications for public orders, safety guidelines, training, and jobs.

Accessible digital credentials

Make workers “shovel-ready” by letting them access their earned digital, verifiable credentials.

Technology and process agnostic

Merit easily works with any legacy system or existing technology so agencies and states can better meet individuals’ needs.

Opportunity matching

Efficiently match qualifying individuals, especially from underserved groups, with tailored opportunities for training in the classroom and on the job, education, employment, benefits, and services.

Centralized, privacy-safe data

Implement program-wide, statewide tracking to better evaluate individuals’ skills and measure program success.

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Verified credentials

How Merit works

Agencies can navigate complex human coordination through tracking recipients’ outcomes, matching them with jobs, and gaining insights into the effectiveness of state-funded initiatives.


How Merit Works for Issuers

Easy, remote integration into any data source to capture all relevant information for the recipients you serve. See how credentials are being used and verified to gain valuable insights.

How Merit Works for Verifiers

Gives any organization or individual the tools to verify anyone’s merit – with easy-to-use verification mechanisms such as in-person via QR scan.

How Merit Works for Recipients

24/7 access to credentials you can share securely with verifiers like employers or government agencies. Get matched with relevant free training, job opportunities, and supportive services.


Supporting complex human coordination

One platform

Connects all upskilling, training, and credentialing initiatives into one platform.


Streamlines reporting between training providers, state leadership, and the U.S. Department of Labor.

Opportunity matching

Automatically matches individuals with tailored opportunities based on their verified identity.

Back to work

Dismantle the barriers that keep Americans from putting their skills to work by building an ecosystem on top of already-attained credentials.

Access to credentials

Make workers job-ready by letting them access their earned digital, verifiable credentials.

Timely updates

Check license status, including suspensions, holds, and expiration dates.

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eBook: Using Verified Identity to Revolutionize Workforce Development

The eBook presents solutions for the challenges you were already facing and COVID has made it even more pervasive.

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