Verified identity opens the door to expedited, portable licenses

Access to professional licenses and credentials is crucial to credential holders and verifiers, but the data is often segmented among issuing boards, often in outdated systems. Merit connects occupational regulation and professional licensing agencies to make licenses and credentials digital, accessible, and more valuable.

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Moments of transformation

Processes, such as continuing education compliance, are cumbersome and inefficient for licensees and agency staff.

Paper credentials can be easily lost and time-consuming to replace.

It can be challenging for credential-holders to stay current on action items for their licenses.

Licenses are difficult to verify, causing delays in getting to work.

It can be difficult for credential-holders to determine or obtain interstate reciprocity.

Individuals who are interested in obtaining a license face an expensive, paper-heavy, and time-intensive process in qualifying for and receiving their actual license.

Licensing Moment of Transformation

How Merit Helps

Verifiable, interoperable licenses

Interoperable, verifiable digital licenses move displaced workers from search to placement quickly. Licensees can be easily verified from their phone by customers, employers, and public officials.

Real-time updates to licenses

Verified identity enables real-time updates – including extending expirations, revokes, holds, and suspensions – to licenses.

Opportunity matching

Efficiently match license holders with tailored opportunities for training, education, employment, benefits, and services.

Track training and professional development

Facilitate class completion to build toward renewals and career pathways.

Push notifications

Get timely updates on training, education, and public safety opportunities.

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Verified credentials

How Merit works

Trusted, interoperable verified credentials connect the records of all relevant agencies for a complete picture of an individual’s education, training and licensure all in one place.


How Merit Works for Issuers

Agencies keep license statuses up to date with suspensions, holds, and expiration dates. Track continuing education and training for direct digital collection of credits.

How Merit Works for Verifiers

Verify anyone’s skills or competencies, contactlessly. Leverage reporting and auditing features to demonstrate progress and compliance.

How Merit Works for Recipients

Intuitive, user-friendly mobile app stores earned credentials and relevant opportunities. Share information securely with verifiers like employers or government agencies.


Supporting verified digital licenses


Provide digital transformation to licensees and agency staff while bridging legacy back-end systems.


Licensees can access up-to-date credentials with any changes to status, expiration, or affiliation.

Digital Record

Renewals and compliance for training providers, industries, and schools maintain a digitized record.


Municipalities can verify state licenses quickly before issuing permits.

Instant Verification

Inspectors can ensure instantaneous onsite verification of licenses, permits, and safety compliance at job sites.


Facilitate cross-jurisdiction collaboration to lay the groundwork for interstate reciprocity.

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Rapid Deployment Package

In addition to vertical-specific solutions, Merit can be quickly implemented to solve a range of challenges. Every solution and rapid deployment package offering also connects to our ecosystem, expanding the network effects for merit recipients.

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