Merit for Grants & Scholarships

Merit’s platform connects parents and guardians with educational services from verified education service providers, delivering an end-to-end solution for ESA program implementation and administration.

A User-Friendly Experience

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Parents & Guardians
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Education Service Providers

Support for Parents & Guardians

Merit provides parents and guardians of qualified students a user-friendly marketplace for accessing supplemental support and assistance in paying for pre-approved education expenses, including:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Tutoring
  • Online learning
  • Supplies
  • And more!
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Implementing a Successful Marketplace

Working as an extension of your organization, Merit can build an extensive education marketplace highlighting the goods and services offered by qualified education service providers. Our platform is easy to understand and use, and Merit

  • Verifies educations service providers
  • Handles marketing and awareness outreach to qualified families, as well as service providers
  • Provides customer care and support for your organization, parents and guardians, and the service providers at all stages
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Here’s How Merit Simplifies ESA Program Implementation

Merit provides the people and resources required for implementing a robust, complicated program very quickly.

Merit is a large, proven solution provider ready to support your team with a Software with a Service approach.

Merit is SOC-2 and FERPA compliant for added peace of mind.

Program Benefits

Merit has a dedicated team that takes everything from marketing outreach and IT support to customer reporting and fraud detection off your plate, ensuring a successful program from start 
to finish!

Dedicated Customer Support
Dedicated customer support team for parents and guardians to provide a user- friendly, pleasant parent/guardian education marketplace experience
The Merit App
  • User-friendly
  • Another layer of customer service and improved customer experience
  • Easy for the qualified parents and guardians to access and use the platform and spend their education dollars
Marketing and Awareness Campaigns
It’s crucial that families who qualify for this program and the education providers who work with those families are aware the program exists! Merit works with your team to provide:
  • Targeted marketing and awareness outreach
  • Email campaigns
  • IT support
  • and more!
Verified Education Providers
Merit’s entire platform is built on verifying eligibility status which gives you peace of mind knowing education providers have been vetted and qualified parents and guardians have been sought out!
Fiscal Management
We’ll track the money being spent by parents and guardians so when it comes to auditing, you’re a step ahead of the paperwork!
Customized Reporting
As a program administrator, detailed reporting is a must. Merit can provide customized reporting to make life easier, including:
  • Types of services being purchased
  • District demographics
  • Grade levels being served
  • and much more!
Fraud Prevention
Verified identification, custom reporting, collective outreach and financial tracking all lead to fraud prevention and ensure the most vital aspect of all: the appropriate use of federal and state education funds
Parent & Guardian Surveys
Tools for sending satisfaction surveys gathering program effectiveness, ease of use, and other topic feedback to further enhance your grant program.

Merit’s No Fraud Guarantee

Merit can substantially reduce or fully eliminate fraud when it comes to your ESA program. Should fraudulent activity related to your ESA program including the Merit Marketplace occur, zero state or public dollars will be used to compensate for the financial damages incurred.

Instead, Merit’s No Fraud Guarantee ensures that Merit will absorb any legitimate fraud-related costs for the ESA program and Marketplace implementation - giving our customers the peace of mind and assurances they have always wanted.

Merit is the partner you need if you want a fully implemented Education Marketplace that can do it all. Want to see in action how Merit takes all the marketing and other logistics off your plate?