Merit & Iowa Workforce Development

Welcome to the Future of Apprenticeships in Iowa

Merit, Iowa Workforce Development (IWD), and the Iowa Office of Apprenticeship are committed to shaping the future of work in Iowa. Our partnership offers a digital apprenticeship records platform that is revolutionizing the way apprenticeships are managed and transforming the career journeys of Iowans. Together, we’re modernizing processes to help program sponsors attract and retain talent by providing a digital wallet of records to apprentices.

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Why Digital Apprenticeship Records?

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A Single Digital Destination for Apprenticeship Records

Say goodbye to scattered paperwork and multiple filing systems. Merit’s digital platform provides a centralized hub where sponsors and apprentices can access all credentials, records, and completion certificates, making it easier than ever to track down records from new or former employees.

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The Tools Apprentices Want

Empower and retain your employees with foresight, confidence, and autonomy by offering modern tools that today’s workforce desires. Merit’s digital, mobile-first platform puts everything at their fingertips.

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Portable and Verifiable Skills at Your Fingertips

We've got the apprentices covered, too. Our platform equips apprentices with a simple mobile app that enables them to carry your proven skills, competencies, credentials, and trainings with them wherever they go. With a few taps, they can easily showcase verifiable evidence of their expertise.

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Unlocking the Potential of Apprenticeship Programs

Merit’s digital apprenticeship records platform offers more than just convenience. It empowers program sponsors to track the performance of apprentices, evaluate the effectiveness of training programs, and identify areas for improvement. With data at your disposal, you can enhance your apprenticeship programs, ensuring they align with the needs of employers and the aspirations of apprentices.