Here’s how merits work.

Create, send, receive, verify, and manage life’s achievements.


Welcome to a world of opportunities.

Merit keeps all of your hard-earned personal and professional achievements in one place in the form of merits. Using your merits you can qualify for new experiences, enjoy your favorite activities with less hassle, and find new achievements to strive for.

Merits open up doors to opportunities that keep expanding as more are earned and claimed. Merit strives to help conscientious people discover and pursue those opportunities.

Using merits is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


All of your credentials are digitally stored and unified as merits.


Create, send, receive, verify, and manage merits.


Create a merit template

Create custom merit templates to support any credential, license, trophy, or achievement you want to send on Merit. Merit templates are saved and editable so you can edit and revise them over time.


Send a merit

Use the Platform or the Merit API to send merits to your members, customers, or users. Merits can be sent to anyone with an email address, even if they don’t have a Merit profile yet.


Receive a merit

Merits you send will appear on Merit profiles on the web, in our mobile apps, and via the Merit API. If a merit’s recipient already has a profile, they can show their new merit alongside their other merits. If they don't have a profile yet, they will be invited to claim their profile.


Verify a merit

Since only verified, trustworthy organizations are allowed to send merits, those merits are trusted by other organizations. Organizations can verify users have earned merits by scanning their merit keys.


Manage merits

Manage the merits you send to keep them up-to-date and control the information users can share. Merits can be instantly edited, renewed, suspended, or revoked.

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