Education Service Providers

Become a Qualified Educational Service Provider (QESP)

Get the goods and services you stand for in the hands of the families that need them most.

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Put Your Resources Into the Hands of Students that Need Them

Working as an extension of your organization, Merit highlights the goods and services your organization offers in an extensive Education Marketplace where qualified parents and guardians are spending pre-approved education dollars. Our platform is easy to understand and use, and Merit:
  • Verifies your organization as a qualified education service provider
  • Handles marketing and awareness outreach to qualified families, as well as service providers to bring awareness
  • Provides customer care and support for your organization as well as parents and guardians at all stages


Why Become a QESP?

  • Attract new customers
  • Gain revenue from families spending their pre-approved microgrant funds
  • Help address learning loss in your community
  • Free advertising to thousands of families looking for your services
  • Connect students with educational tools that may otherwise be out of their reach
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Here’s how it works

  1. Parents and guardians apply for an educational savings account scholarships to be used to pay for goods or services.
  2. Your organization applies to become a Qualified Educational Service Provider – a preapproved resource where families can spend their ACE funds.
  3. Merit verifies your organization and lists it on the Education Marketplace in your state.
  4. Parents and guardians browse the Education Marketplace to discover relevant services by category, grade, and location.
  5. Parents and guardians use Merit’s platform to submit claims for reimbursement – either to themselves or to pay a service provider’s invoice.
  6. You verify claims via an intuitive dashboard on the Merit platform.
Here’s What QESPs are Saying