Engineering Manager

Lead a team of highly talented engineers delivering key parts of Merit’s platform.

About Merit

Merit believes that truth and trust can change the world. Our platform helps organizations create, send and verify licenses, credentials and other people-based statements of truth, known as merits. Members in turn benefit by taking control of their valuable personal information while shaping their future based on the opportunities that they are uniquely qualified for.

The Role

We’re looking to hire an experienced Engineering Manager to join our exceptionally talented and rapidly growing engineering team. As the Engineering Manager, you will lead a team of highly talented engineers delivering key parts of Merit’s platform. You will collaborate with product owners to manage product roadmap and ensure timely delivery of features with the highest quality.

Merit’s web apps are built using React and TypeScript. Our mobile apps are built using React Native and TypeScript. Our backend is implemented mostly in Scala, and some in NodeJS. We use GraphQL to communicate between our apps and backend. We also built REST APIs for our 3rd party developers. We run on Google Cloud Platform and use Google Cloud Datastore, Pub/Sub, Redis, Elasticsearch, Kubernetes and Docker.


Key Responsibilities

Product Development
  • Work with the Product Owners to understand and influence the roadmap. Drive planning and distill product roadmap into actionable tasks for engineers.
  • Flawlessly execute on the roadmap and hit all the promised delivery dates. Ensure continuous delivery of features & bug fixes to production.
  • Place heavy emphasis on design, testing and code reviews. Balance high quality with high throughput.
  • Spend 30-35% of time with hands-on-coding. Actively participate in design, architecture and code reviews.
Team Management
  • Keep the team motivated by providing challenging work, clarity in direction and mentorship with regular 1-1s.
  • Ensure that the team is operating at peak performance without burnout. Encourage positive work-life balance.
  • Create and maintain healthy candidate pipeline by working with our internal recruiting team. Raise the bar with every new hire.
Process Management
  • Establish healthy feedback loops to continuously improve our Agile Scrum based processes.
  • Constantly track and measure various metrics to meaningfully improve velocity and quality.



  • 8+ years of experience in the software industry in development roles, with 2+ years in management roles, responsible for 5+ engineers
  • Mastery in least one high-level programming language like Javascript, TypeScript, Java, Scala, etc. Experience in building highly distributed, scalable, low latency systems using open source technologies.
  • Very knowledgeable in containers, container orchestration and cloud-native distributed systems
  • Thorough understanding of Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Test Automation, Build Automation to enable the rapid delivery of working code
  • Pragmatic and understand the tradeoffs very well. Balance technical leadership with strong business judgment
  • Strongly opinionated but respectful and collaborative; self-motivated and have strong interpersonal & communication skills
  • Degree in Computer Science or a related field, or equivalent work experience


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