Support the teams that support our communities

Merit follows the mission areas and core capabilities of FEMA’s national preparedness goals including support for the following areas of emergency services:


Capabilities and Mission Areas

Prevention and Planning

Build your response teams – and verify their credentials – ahead of time or in real-time to better protect our citizens, residents, visitors, and assets against the greatest threats and hazards.


Verify responder qualifications at a staging area, emergency operations center, command post, or camp, replacing paper sign-in sheets with Merit’s check-in suite (works with mobile, tablets, and desktop devices).

Enable remote check-ins, easier time tracking, and the production of auditable access logs.

Merit’s deployment team is on 24/7 standby to be ready for notice of activation in a disaster to go on-scene and ensure all hours get tracked.

Aggregate reporting and analytics from all partner organizations, as well as historical reporting to learn from past activations.

Activate Merit Relay to connect thousands of emergency partners together for mutual aid and merged capability views.


Use Merit’s platform to perform a joint preliminary disaster assessment and help identify potential mitigation opportunities.

Accurately categorize and identify COVID-19 disaster response activity for accelerated federal reimbursement via CARES Act funding.

A real-time dashboard to see current hours logged and trend lines by county.

Immediate reporting to FEMA for quicker reimbursements.



Improve management of spontaneous volunteers with full digital credentialing, with complete editing, updating, expiring, and revoking capabilities

Immediately quantify recovery costs and unmet needs through the tracking of unyielding service hours.



Helping Emergency Services Deliver for Our Communities

Accelerate federal reimbursements for volunteer hours, estimated to be $27.20 per hour nationally, returning emergency dollars to the country or state every time. Could include activities tied to COVID-19 disaster response or Hazard Mitigation Grant Programs.

Build Incident Management Team and Emergency Operations Center response teams on “blue skies” days.

Quickly assess emergency service professional’s credentials and capabilities in real-time. Efficiently capture and share reports on skills used with our digital task book.

Merit is the first and last tool you will utilize in your go bag for team unification and command.



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In Demand and Interoperable


Fast delivery and validation of digital licenses.

Health Care

No-contact verification saves lives and paperwork

Workforce Development

All training and licensing initiatives in one platform.


Support readiness and training for our armed forces.


Connect education to meaningful career pathways.