Verified Identity for Time-tracking

States lose millions of dollars every year due to untracked hours and disconnected systems.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Accurate time-tracking that leads to higher reimbursement and improved, connected systems begins with verified digital credentials.

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How It works

Go Paperless and Track Time Digitally

Merit’s platform for verified identity allows personnel to digitally scan in and out of disaster sites - including for breaks and meals! Your team can track, locate, and efficiently report hours and location in real time!

Here’s how Merit makes getting time-tracking more accurate and efficient:


Merit Platform

Your personnel are onboarded onto Merit’s platform using details like names, emails, phone numbers, and ICS position, and are issued merits representing their site access, credentials, and any other underlying records you'd like to import.


Merit Badging

Personnel can access their platform profile and credentials on the Merit app from any device, using a QR code that functions as a digital badge. Merit also offers customizable physical badges printed on-site or drop-shipped to visually identify personnel.


Merit Check-in

Personnel can access their platform profile and credentials on the Merit app from any device. They use a QR code that functions as a digital badge (we also do printed badges!) to check in and out of sites.


Merit Forms

Merit can digitize any existing forms your operation already relies upon, like ICS-214 Activity Logs, ICS-218 Support Vehicle/Equipment Inventory forms, and approval workflows. Merit data is automatically populated into appropriate fields, vastly reducing the time your personnel spend completing them, as well as providing verified data to supervisors during review and approval.


Merit Reporting

Personnel document the work they completed during a shift by filling out a digital ICS-214 activity log using Merit’s Verified Forms Engine. All of the information collected from 214s and other forms is populated into detailed reporting dashboards that summarize and categorize the data throughout your deployments.


Get Rid of Pen and Paper

Digital time-tracking and real-time reporting translates to simplified, accurate reporting for cost-recovery efforts. Utilizing a single platform for verified digital identity, everything from registration and badging to digital form and custom reports are tied to a single source. 

  • Gain full accountability and insight of your personnel
  • Access comprehensive digital time-tracking after each response day
  • Manage site access in real time
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