Verified Identity for Personnel & Site Intelligence

State-of-the-Art Reporting for Personnel Status, Actions, & Operational Progress

With custom, web-based dashboards, site leads get a real-time view of all hours logged and credentials sent. Data can be easily exported to any other system for communications, HR needs, payroll, fraud prevention, compliance, or reporting.

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Accurately Reported Deployments that Pay Off

All the information collected, reviewed, and approved from Merit’s apps is populated into detailed reporting dashboards that intelligently summarize and categorize the data throughout your deployments.

  • More accurate accountability
  • Reduce manual input and human error
  • Accelerate and increase reimbursement
  • Easy to use - supported by Merit’s 24/7 on-call team
  • Saves time by getting the answers you need, now
  • Flexible, adaptable, and fully customizable
  • Role-level permissions for all your Directors, Supervisors, and Site Leads

How It works

A Single Platform for all Your Reporting Needs

Ditch the paperwork and take your reporting digital to reduce human error, streamline processes, and accelerate reimbursements for every deployment.

Here’s how Merit simplifies reporting and accelerates cost recovery:


Merit Platform

Your personnel are onboarded onto Merit’s platform using existing fields like names, emails, phone numbers, and ICS positions. They are issued merits representing their site access, credentials, and other underlying profile data you require. Merits can include any additional information relevant to the credential you need, such as expiration dates, employee IDs, and assignments, and automatically update their status based on configured rules.


Merit Badging

Personnel can access their platform profile and credentials on the Merit app from any device, using a QR code that functions as a digital badge. Merit also offers customizable physical badges printed on-site or drop-shipped to visually identify personnel.


Merit Check-in

Personnel check in and out of sites on our time-tracking software, which provides auditable records of site access and hours worked throughout a deployment, via physical, on-site tablets, or virtual links accessed on their device. Check-ins can be configured to represent ingress and egress logs, meals, asset maintenance, and much more.


Merit Forms

Merit can digitize any existing forms your operation already relies upon, like ICS-214 Activity Logs, ICS-218 Support Vehicle/Equipment Inventory forms, and approval workflows. Merit data is automatically populated into appropriate fields, vastly reducing the time your personnel spend completing them, as well as providing verified data to supervisors during review and approval.


Merit Reporting

All of the information collected from your Merit implementation is populated into detailed reporting dashboards that summarize and categorize the data throughout your deployments.


Digital, Streamlined Reporting


Centralized Roster

  • A single platform for all personnel insight
  • Data that integrates with your existing systems, including payroll, HR, and legacy systems
  • Endless customizations for your deployment needs

Customizable Forms & Summary Fields

  • Date range pickers for viewing reporting periods
  • Line charts that track approval times
  • Tracked hours, 214 compliance, and other site accountability metrics and much more

Aggregate Personnel & Profile Views

  • Registration information for all personnel, including licenses and credentials, or merits
  • Submitted 214s and history views
  • Simplified, digital review and accept/reject flows for supervisor approval and much more

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