Verified Identity for Credentials & Badging

Digital, Verified Credentials are the Foundation for Seamless Human Coordination at Scale

Moving people forward - faster - over multiple disaster sites across the country can be seamless with verified, digital credentials that live under a single platform.

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How It works

Strategically Deploy Teams Based on Certifications

Accurate, digital, and pre-verified credentials mobilize responders and personnel to where their skills are needed faster than ever before.  

Here’s how Merit uses verified identity and credentials to deploy your personnel faster: 


Merit Platform

Your personnel are onboarded onto Merit’s platform using details like names, emails, phone numbers, and ICS position, and are issued merits representing their site access, credentials, and any other underlying records you'd like to import.

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Merit Badging

Personnel can access their platform profile and credentials on the Merit app from any device, using a QR code that functions as a digital badge. Merit also offers customizable physical badges printed on-site or drop-shipped to visually identify personnel.


Merit Check-in

Personnel check in and out of sites on our time-tracking software, which provides auditable records of site access and hours worked throughout a deployment, via physical, on-site tablets, or virtual links accessed on their device. Check-ins can be configured to represent ingress and egress logs, meals, asset maintenance, and much more.


Merit Forms

Merit can digitize any existing forms your operation already relies upon, like ICS-214 Activity Logs, ICS-218 Support Vehicle/Equipment Inventory forms, and approval workflows. Merit data is automatically populated into appropriate fields, vastly reducing the time your personnel spend completing them, as well as providing verified data to supervisors during review and approval.


Merit Reporting

All of the information collected from your Merit implementation is populated into detailed reporting dashboards that summarize and categorize the data throughout your deployments.


Dynamic, Digital Credentials

Verified credentials ensure all professional and volunteer responders are deployed effectively to their expertise - from administering vaccines to search and rescue responses.

  • Consolidate credentials and track responders in a uniform place - the Merit platform
  • Ensure required trainings, testing, waivers, and security protocols are achieved 
  • Verify credentials for loss prevention and an added layer of security for your organization - prevents legal liabilities
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