Digitize your credentials.

Provide digital records that are easily accessible & shareable.


Eliminate the countless hours and dollars to fill out, print, and issue your credentials.

Transform your paper credentialing program into an automated digital process with Merit. Certify your most important credentials in a way that is scalable, up-to-date, and verifiable.

Save time and money

Enjoy a fast, cost-effective way to go paperless and reduce the overhead of printing, laminating, mailing, and manually updating multiple systems.

Simplify credential management

Connect your database with Merit to get everything you need in one place to securely digitize, send, and organize your members.

Stay current

Easily update any field in your digital merits to ensure that your credentials are reliable and actionable.

Streamline check-ins

Slash the time and manual effort required to manually check-in participants.

Digitally verify credentials

Digitize your screening process by using digital merits to speed up and simplify the check-in process.

Better security & authenticity

Digitized credentials help mitigate risks from fraudulent print outs, outdated certifications, and expired credentials. 


Solution Highlights


Organization Portal

The Org Portal is a unified destination for you to digitize your credentialing program. The platform offers many features to help you go digital including an easy, self-service onboarding flows to help you get started, and a suite of tools to help you digitally upload and issue merits in bulk.


Third-Party Apps


Check-in with Merits

Make your check-in and credential screening process digital with Check-in with Merits! Thanks to Check-in with Merits, your participants can use a self-serve digital kiosk to sign in and screen their merits.


Credential Creator

With Credential Creator, you can create and issue official, printable certificates to your members. Use Credential Creator to make your digital credentialing program more appealing to members who still prefer physical credentials.


Member Solutions


Merits on the Web

Merits.com brings digital credentials to your recipients! With merits.com, members can access their credentials and accomplishments online. All of their data is digitized and accessible in a single portal.


Merit Mobile App

Merit, our mobile app, brings all merits.com capabilities to the mobile space. Members can also use this app to activities and events to scan their Merit Key for easy check-ins and verification.

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