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Streamline your check-in process with speed and accuracy.

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Nix the pen-and-paper process to check-in and verify your participants digitally.

Set up Merit Check-in at your next event to empower your activity’s participants to verify themselves and instantly log their attendance!

Save time and effort

Slash the time and manual effort required to manually check-in participants and to track total participation time.

Improve accuracy

Reduce the potential for data entry errors through digital sign-ups and credential screening.

Improve the check-in process

Speed up the check-in process for your participants by enabling them to use the Merit mobile app to immediately scan in.

Enhance your member experience

Establish a deeper connection with each member through sharing merits marking their achievements.

Here’s how it works.

Merit Check-in makes it easier for your participants to check-in and for you to track their activity.


Participants check themselves in and out with a self-serve tablet app.


Merit Check-in screens their credentials and records their activity.


You can then use these records to quickly calculate total volunteer times.


Solution Highlights


Activity Manager

For each event, create a customized, automated check-in and check-out process. You can make check-in requirements simple or robust based on the activity’s credential screening needs.


Qualification Manager

If your activity requires credential screening, you can set up one or more specific qualification requirements that members have to fulfill in order to check-in.


Check-in Tracker

Track member check-ins, check-outs, and volunteer times. Download your participant activity for easier time tracking and reporting.


Ready to get started?

Link with Merit at checkin.merits.com and create an activity representing your next event.


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