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Sibly and Merit Team Up to Support Medical Professionals Fighting COVID-19

By Amanda Davis on May 29, 2020

As medical professionals and volunteers fight on the frontlines of COVID-19, for many, their own mental health has been put on the backburner. In an effort to aid the medical response, Merit launched ReadyNow to provide digital licensing at no cost to state organizations, medical professionals, or anyone needing to verify credentials during the pandemic. Additionally, we’ve recently announced Merit Opportunities–a new feature in the Merit app that allows organizations to share opportunities such as networking events, promotional discounts, training to earn additional credentials, and so much more. Today we are excited to share that we have partnered with Sibly to provide one of our first offered opportunities to first responders that are managing their medical credentials in Merit!

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Unlock Your Highest Potential with Merit Opportunities

By Amanda Davis on May 27, 2020

Since mid-March, the country has been in a state of emergency. With this drastic declaration, millions have lost jobs, paused their education, and put a hold on anything that involves socializing in person or in public. At a time when a chance to take a positive step forward is what everyone needs, we are excited to introduce Merit Opportunities—a new feature that will lead you to a steady path of possibilities and help you find your next step.

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How to Showcase Your Offers with Merit Opportunities

By Amanda Davis on May 1, 2020

Since 2016, Merit has enabled thousands of organizations to issue merits to people. These merits span all kinds of achievements: awards, certifications, completed courses or classes, professional licenses, memberships, and even employment. 

Merit is now in a position where we are able to add more value to people’s Merit experience by surfacing relevant opportunities from organizations such as yours. Check out this post to find out more about our new feature, Merit Opportunities. Read on to learn how your organization can start creating and publishing them on Merit’s App. 

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