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Merit and Credential Engine Partner to Expand Nationwide Credential Ecosystem

By Mike Murphy on May 12, 2020

 Integrating verified identity and credential registry platforms facilitates a transparent nationwide credential marketplace

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Merit Lookup Launched Alongside ReadyNow Initiative

By Amanda Davis on April 10, 2020

The bothersome, manual administrative labor required from medical organizations and their staff is something Merit has strived to ease during the COVID-19 pandemic. The launch of Merit ReadyNow eliminates the paperwork for interstate license reciprocity and license verification, but we also wanted something that would help organizations search for and access the medical professionals that are needed immediately. With these concerns in mind, Merit has launched Merit Lookup.

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How Merit Check-in Can Benefit Your Organization Today

By Amanda Davis on April 2, 2020

In a perfect world, states, hospitals, and volunteer organizations would be able to validate and issue merits without all of the sign-in sheets, time spent confirming participant credentials, and countless hours adding up total participant time. With the Merit Check-in app, all this can be done in an instant.

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