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Hey, DZOs: Let’s End Two Unnecessary Expenses, Together

By Merit on March 4, 2019

If you’ve been running a dropzone for a while, we already know a couple of things about you. Ready?

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Spotting the Truth in a World of Lies

By Merit on February 11, 2019

We expect white lies in our everyday lives and have become accustomed to not necessarily believing everything we hear. Whether it’s someone’s description on a dating app or a resume for work, we take what we hear with a grain of salt. Some people fiercely filter information for fabrications, exaggerations, plagiarism, white lies, and most of all: deception. But as one study suggests, we are on average only able to catch 54% of lies. Strikingly, in the same study, trained police officers, judges, and FBI agents weren’t that much better than the average person.

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